The 12-Week Plan Introduction

If you’ve made it this far on this website, we hope you have all of the information you need about cholesterol and how to lower it (or improve your ratios) through diet, exercise, stress reduction, and supplements (if not, then please check all the information on the website before you carry over with this 12 week plan). And now you know how these lifestyle changes will also help protect you from other serious cardiac risk factors, including high blood pressure and inflammation. Now comes the fun part; We’re going to put all of the advice we’ve given you in the first eight chapters into an easy-to-follow week-by-week plan. To help you put the eating advice into action, we’ve included more than two dozen delicious Plan-ready recipes.

Where to start? 

With Week 1, of course! But before you do, read about what you’ll need to have at the ready in order to hit the ground running (for instance, you’ll need to buy your pedometer and stock some kitchen staples, such as a good bottle of olive oil). And starting on the next topic given after the Introduction we’ll show you an overview of the entire Plan as a reminder of the overall strategy.

The beauty of the 12-Week Plan is that you don’t have to try to overhaul your lifestyle all at once (studies show that doesn’t work). By making just a few relatively small changes one week at a time, those changes are much more likely to stick. And that’s important. While most people will lower their cholesterol within 12 weeks, the point is to stay on the Plan for life

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