Week 10


GOAL | Practice portion control

  1. When you eat out this week, ask to have half of your main dish boxed up before it’s even brought to the table. 
  2. Eyeball your meals. A portion of meat is about the size of a deck of cards or a computer mouse; a portion of pasta or rice is about the size of a baseball. 
  3. Eat more slowly to give yourself time to feel full. Then put down your fork when you’re no longer hungry—not when the plate is empty. 
  4. Measure your morning cereal. A portion is 1 cup, yet most Americans take at least twice that. 
  5. Dole out your snacks. Instead of digging into an open bag of pretzels, place a few pretzels on a napkin, then put the bag away.
  6. Buy the smallest size. Studies find that when you buy larger sizes, you eat more. So get a small popcorn, Italian ice, or whatever you’re eating.

Recipe Ideas


GOAL| Follow the supplement plan you outlined on this page


GOALS | 50,000 steps
                 Morning stretches
                  30-Minute Total Body Toner on two days

  1. Walk for 45 minutes on three days, and 30 minutes on two others.
  2. Vary your pace. After 15 minutes at your normal pace, walk faster for 15 minutes before slowing down again,
  3. Give a pedometer to a friend or spouse and hold a competition to see who can reach their steps goal first.

Tip | Trade in your new shoes when you’ve walked 350 to 550 miles in them. If you’re logging about 15 miles a week (2 to 3 miles a day, five days a week), that means replacing them about every six months.


GOAL | Make yourself happy

1. Do at least one thing from the list of “20 Simple Ways to Get Happy” each day,

Tip | Feeling truly overwhelmed and stressed? Take a nap. Even if you don’t fall asleep, an hour in a quiet, dark room will do wonders for your mood and mind, not to mention your blood pressure.

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