Week 4


GOAL | Nine daily servings of fruits and vegetables

  1. Add fruit to your morning cereal. 
  2. Fix salads for lunch three times this week and pile them high with at least three kinds of vegetables or fruit. 
  3. On days when you don’t have a salad, have a piece of fruit with your lunch. 
  4. At dinnertime, before you put anything else on your plate, start with a salad or a heap of green beans or other vegetables. After you’ve eaten your vegetables, start on the rest of the meal. 
  5. Keep sliced vegetables in the fridge in ice water for convenient snacks.
  6. Throw frozen vegetables (no need to defrost) into soups or stews.
  7. Make a stir-fry and use twice the vegetables and half the meat.
  8. Have a fruit-based dessert.

Tip | A serving is a piece of fruit; 1/2 cup cut-up fruit; 1/2 cup cooked, raw, or frozen fruit or vegetable; 1 cup raw greens; 3/4 cup 100 percent fruit juice; 1/4 cup dried fruit.

Recipe Idea


GOAL| Follow the supplement plan you outlined on this page


GOALS | 35,000 steps
                 Morning stretches
                  10-Minute Tune-Up on four days

  1. Walk for 40 minutes three days this week, and 30 minutes another two days.
  2. Try to get at least 2,000 steps a day just through everyday lifestyle activities like vacuuming the house or gardening.

Tip | Hide the remote and use commercials as signals to get up and walk up and down the stairs or circle your house until the program comes back on.


GOAL | Practice the art of spinning

  1. View a challenge or setback in a more positive light this week—as a cue to change your approach, an opportunity to learn, or a bit of lousy luck that just may have an upside to it.

Tip | Remember, it’s not a stressful event that raises your blood pressure and heart disease risk, it’s your reaction to that event.

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