Tips for Successful Shopping

Read labels. Look for products that are high in fiber. If a product is high in sugar or fat or contains“partially hydrogenated” oils, put it back. 

Take your time. In the beginning all of this label-reading an searching for healthy foods is going to take longer than the grocery trips you’re used to. Plan accordingly.

Plan ahead. Whenever possible, plan meals ahead of time(you’ll be less tempted by takeout or fast-food) and shop witha list. Use the recipes starting click here

Shop alone You may be less inclined to buy high-fat impulse items if you don’t have company.

Make it easy for yourself  If time to cook is a factor, buy “semiprepared” foods. Some examples: boneless, skinless chicken breasts already marinated; marinated pork loin; broccoli and cauliflower florets; and satad or colestaw in a bag.

Don’t shop when you’re hungry.if you’re hunary, have a bite to eat before you shop. You’ll be less tempted to fill your cart with high-fat convenience foods and empty calories.

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