Week 12


GOAL | Eat out the Way

  1. Hit Subway for lunch, ordering a veggie or turkey sub. Or go to any of the restaurants click here and order something that gets less than 25 percent of its calories from fat.
  2. Ask for extra rice—brown, if possible— with your Chinese takeout. Mix it into the dish, then put half of the dish in the fridge for another day. 
  3. Have the waiter put half of your meal in a doggie bag before it’s even served.
  4. Practice your assertiveness. Ifa dish comes with a cream sauce, ask for a tomato sauce instead. If it comes with french fries, ask to substitute a salad or a side of steamed vegetables. Find out if the dish comes with butter on top, and ask to have it omitted. 
  5. Ask for dressings on the side.
  6. Request olive oil instead of butter for your bread. 
  7. Ask the waiter to take away the tortilla

Tip | Any menu description that uses the words “creamy,” “breaded,” “crisp,” or “stuffed” is likely a dish loaded with fat.

Recipe Ideas

  • No recipes this week since you will be eating out. But you should have plenty of leftovers from your doggie bags.


GOAL| Follow the supplement plan you outlined on this page


GOALS | 50,000 steps
                 Morning stretches
                  30-Minute Total Body Toner on two days

  1. Walk for 45 minutes on three days, and 30 minutes on two others.

Tip | Anytime you wish you can substitute a different activity for walking, such as playing volleyball, ballroom dancing, swimming, or bicycling.


GOAL | Nurture a friendship

1. Studies find that friendships are wonderful antidotes to stress. Spend some time this week with a friend. Make a date for lunch, take a walk together, or see an afternoon movie, followed by a cup of tea or glass of wine.

Tip | Feel like you’re lacking friends? Call someone you’d count only as a casual acquaintance and invite them to breakfast. 

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