Week 9


GOAL | Fall in love with olive oil

  1. Visit the gourmet section of your grocery store and choose three or four high-end olive oils for a tasting. (Follow these instructions
  2. Drizzie olive oil on your toast or bagel, or dip hunks of bread into it instead of spreading on butter or margarine. 
  3. Substitute olive oil for margarine in recipes. Just use one-quarter less than what the recipe requires. 
  4. Sauté nuts in a little extra virgin olive oil, then store in the refrigerator. Use chopped over salads for extra protein, crunch, and cholesterol-lowering zing. 
  5. Baste turkey and chicken with extra virgin olive oil for extra flavor.
  6. Try the roasted olive recipe on these
  7. Use extra virgin olive oil to replace smoked meats and sausages typically used to flavor bean and pea soups.
  8. For a tasty dessert sauté bananas, apples, pears, or other fruits in light olive oil. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar and serve.

Recipe Ideas 


GOAL| Follow the supplement plan you outlined on this page


GOALS | 50,000 steps
                 Morning stretches
                  30-Minute Total Body Toner on two days

  1. Walk for 45 minutes on three days, and 30 minutes on two others.

Tip | Adopt a stretch of road that you pledge to keep clean, then walk it several times a week to pick up trash.


GOAL | Rediscover (or discover) a hobby

1. Think about things you used to enjoy doing—or have always wanted to try— and decide to take up a hobby if you don’t already have one. It could be needlepoint, woodworking, hiking, bird watching—something that you can throw yourself into and that makes time pass quickly,

Tip | Can’t think of a hobby? Write down all of the things you enjoyed as a child, then find one you can transfer to your adult life, For instance, if you loved to draw, sign up for a drawing class at the local community college or recreation center.

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