Week 2


GOAL | Eat fish at least three times this week

  1. Have fish for lunch, Nothing fancy is needed—think canned tuna or salmon. Try a salmon-cucumber sandwich with low-fat cream cheese.
  2. Have a fish dinner at least once this week. Try a recipe below, or throw salmon or tuna steaks on the grill.
  3.  Check off a fish serving by using canned clams, salmon, anchovies, or sardines. Try clam sauce over pasta, an anchovy-olive spread (tapenade) as an appetizer, or salmon croquettes. 
  4. Treat yourself. The appeal of crab legs or lobster should not be ignored. Make one of these your treat for the week. 
  5. If you order pizza (go light on the cheese), top it with anchovies. Or try our tuna-topped pizza (recipe below),

Tip | The flesh of fresh fish should spring back if you press it, its surface should glisten, and it shouldn’t smell fishy. Frozen fish is generally a good bet, since it’s often flash-frozen on docks or on the fishing boats themselves,

Recipe Ideas


GOAL| Follow the supplement plan you outlined on this page


GOAL| 25,000 steps

  1. On four days go for a 30-minute walk, keeping a comfortable pace. Practice good posture, with your arms bent at a 90-degree angle, your hands no higher than shoulder height in the forward motion and by the side of your body in the backward motion, your body held upright, and your shoulders pulled slightly back and down. 
  2. Deliberately park further from the mall entrance next time you go shopping, and eschew the elevator or escalator if you’re going up three flights or fewer.

Tip | When possible walk on a track or grass instead of a hard sidewalk or road to soften the impact on your joints,


GOAL| Learn a better way to breathe

  1. Practice the slow, deep breathing exercise beginning, breathing so that your stomach expands, not your chest. Do this for one minute the first day, two or three minutes the next day, and four minutes the next. Aim for less than six breaths per minute..

Tip | Your inhale and exhale should be approximately the same duration.

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