Week 6


GOAL | Add more antioxidants

  1. Brew a cup of tea each morning. If you don’t like hot tea, have iced tea at lunch (go light on the sugar).
  2. Enjoy a glass of red wine with dinner. 
  3. Concentrate on high-antioxidant fruits and vegetables . Have an orange in the morning. Add frozen kale to soups at the last minute. Blend cooked prunes with water into a puree that can replace oils and fats in baking. Add dried prunes to stews for a delicious sweetness.
  4. Snack on berries if they’re in season, or use frozen berries in smoothies.
  5.  For dessert savor a piece of dark chocolate, chock full of heart-healthy antioxidants.

Recipe Ideas 


GOAL| Follow the supplement plan you outlined on this page


GOALS | 45,000 steps
                 Morning stretches
                  10-Minute Tune-Up on four days

  1. This week walk for 40 minutes four times, and 30 minutes twice. 
  2. Make a date with a friend for at least half your walks. It will relieve any tedium and make the time go much faster,

Tip | If you have a dog, vow to walk it more often. If you don’t, offer to walk the neighbor’s dog, or volunteer to walk dogs at the local animal shelter.


GOAL | Take control of your time

  1. If you’re the type who’s always too busy, list all of your activities, chores, and commitments. Then divide them into three categories: those you must do, those you love to do, and those you do because you think you should.
  2. Eliminate one item on the “because-you-think-you-should” list. Maybe you can let someone else chair the PTA this year, or hire someone to do your taxes instead of doing them yourself, 
  3. Whether or not you’re too busy, schedule one fun activity this week. A trip to the zoo with the grandchildren, a visit to a botanical garden, a movie with friends—whatever you enjoy.

Tip | Write a large “Just Say No” sign on a piece of paper and tape it near the phone as a reminder not to take on too much.

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