Week 7


GOAL | Go with the grain

  1. Make sure you’re eating a whole grain cereal with at least 5 grams of fiber per serving for breakfast. Raisin bran is a good choice. 
  2. Buy bread with the word “whole” in the first ingredient, as in “whole wheat” or “whole grain.” Just because a bread is brown doesn’t make it whole grain.
  3. Try out a whole wheat pasta. 
  4. Substitute brown rice for white once this week. 
  5. Sprinkle wheat germ or flaxseed (both rich in omega-3 fatty acids) over salads, yogurt, and cereal, and into pancake batter. 
  6. Try one new grain you’ve never had, such as quinoa or amaranth. Most are as simple to fix as rice, yet are packed with fiber and other nutrients.

Recipe Ideas 


GOAL| Follow the supplement plan you outlined on this page


GOALS | 50,000 steps
                 Morning stretches
                  10-Minute Tune-Up on four days

  1. Walk for 45 minutes three times this week, and 30 minutes twice. 
  2. Continue finding ways to increase your physical activity around the house. That might be by gardening, raking, using a push-mower to cut the grass, or cleaning your entire house including the baseboards.

Tip | If you walk at dusk or night, wear a reflective vest and reflective tape on your shoes for safety.


GOAL | Forgive someone

  1. Identify one person in your life toward whom you hold anger. Write that person a letter forgiving them. You can mail the letter or not; what’s most important is writing it. Save a copy and look at it whenever you feel your anger toward this person returning,

Tip | Are there things you’d like others to forgive you for?
Write them down, then approach those people, either in person or in writing, and ask for their forgiveness.

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