Week 1


GOAL| Attack saturated fat

  1. Forego ground beef. If you want to make tacos or burgers, use ground turkey instead.
  2. Choose only lean cuts of meat and poultry, such as chicken breast, pork loin, extra lean top round, or any of the others.
  3. Start the switch to nonfat milk. If you currently drink whole milk, move to 2 percent. If you drink 2 percent, move to 1 percent. If you drink 1 percent, you’re ready for nonfat.
  4. Bag the butter. Dip your bread in olive oil instead, or use a sterol-based spread such as Benecol. And use olive oil or canola oil for cooking.
  5. Skip the slice of cheese on your sandwich. When you do eat cheese, use just a little bit of a hard, flavorful variety like Romano.

Tip| Use roasted garlic to add moistness and flavor in place of butter. Cut the tops off two heads of garlic, drizzle with olive oil, wrap in aluminum foil, and roast at 350°F for an hour or until soft. Cool. Squeeze out the garlic, mash, and use on bread or in mashed potatoes.

Recipe Ideas


GOAL | Follow the supplement


GOAL | 20,000 steps

  1. Start wearing your pedometer all of theime. It will remind you to look for wayso fit more walking into your day.
  2. On five days this week go for a 20-is comfortable, just get out there! minute walk, Walk at whatever speed is comfortable, just get out there!

Tip | Keep your pedometer in the bath-room, maybe even near your toothbrush,so you’ll see it first thing in the morningand remember to put it on.


Goals | Eliminate one source of stress

  1. Identify one source of stress that’s easily erased—and do whatever it takes to eliminate it. That could be as simple as clearing the clutter off your desk, buying files to keep your bills and other paperwork in, or placing a stickon plastic hook on the back of your door or a kitchen cabinet for your keys so you’ll always know where they are.

Tip | Not sure what’s stressing you?
Keeping a journal can help. Note when you become anxious or angry, and why. Becoming more aware of what gets you stressed gives you a leg up on changing the situation, or at least your reaction to it.

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