Supplements, Not Cure-Alls

In the next few years you’re bound to hear more and more about natural alternatives for lowering cholesterol and protecting the heart. But before you jump on any bandwagons, take heed: No supplement is a substitute for the lifestyle changes you’ll be making on the Live Jt Down Plan, particularly the new eating habits you’ll adopt. The fact is that scientists will probably never be able to duplicate the complex effects and myriad health benefits of foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains witha pill. And of course, lowering your cholesterol with supplements such as guggul while eating steak and ice cream with abandon, or taking hawthorn or CoQ10 to lower your blood pressure while doing nothing to alleviate the stress caused by your nerve-racking job, won’t do your heart or your arteries much good in the end, Finally, don’t forget the three golden rules for taking supplements:

  • Don’t keep it a secret. Tell your doctor what you’re taking.
  • More is not better. Follow dosage directions,
  • Know what you’re getting. Look for USP and GMP labeling.

Next you’ll read about another “supplement”—something you’ll add to your life that’s more important to your heart than any supplement in this chapter. It doesn’t come in a pill or an extract, and it will take more than a few minutes to “swallow.” But we guarantee it will make you feel more energetic, be happier, and sleep better. And of course, it will slash your risk of having a heart attack.

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