Pick the Right Pedometer

Pedometers have gone upscale. Today they can read your pulse, estimate the calories you’ve burned, time your activity, and estimate your speed, as well as provide music to move you along on your walk. With literally hundreds of brands and styles out there, it can be daunting to choose the right one. Here are six of our favorites, All require you to enter your stride length, which is easy enough to do. Just walk 10 steps, measure the distance in feet, and divide by 10.

Brand Features Price
Full Function
  • Automatic start/stop records time only while in motion.
  • Calculates average speed.
  • Counts number of steps up to 99,999,
  • Belt clip.
$ 21
Digital Pedometer
with Alarm
  • Calorie counter.
  • Built-in panic alarm.
  • Backlit digital crystal display.
$ 30
New Lifestyles
Digiwalker SW-401
  • SW series often used by researchers in scientific studies.
  • Distance meter.
  • Security strap.
$ 30
Oregon Scientific’s
  • FM radio.
  • Digital 12/24 hour clock.
  • Miniature earphone buttons,
$ 30
Pedometer 360
  • Measures calories burned.
  • Digital seven-day walking log.
  • Odometer,
  • Automatic start; stops after four minutes of stillness.
$ 40
  • Comes with cradle for uploading data to Web site, where you can track your fitness.
$ 99

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