Other Cool Gadgets

In addition to pedometers, there are numerous other accessories to help you track your activity and measure your results. While you don’t need any of them, some might help with that most important component of exercise: motivation.

Walking speedometer. As if knowing how far you’re going wasn’t enough, now you can track your speed and even your position on the globe. Some walking speedometers include globa! positioning system (GPS) technology, which maps your location. Most attach to your shoe. Prices vary considerably. A basic model will cost about $125; one with GPS can be upwards of $200,

Heart rate monitor. Most look like wristwatches, but instead of telling time, they tell your heart rate, beeping when it gets too high or too low. Some models also calculate calories burned as you exercise. Cost is $60 and up. For a good selection check out

Personal pulse meter. The low-cost alternative to the heart rate monitor, this gadget—worn on your wrist or around your neck—uses a finger pad pulse sensor to deliver quick readings of your heart rate. It includes a timer and clock and costs about $20.

Digital wrist blood pressure monitor. About the size of a wristwatch, these monitors include memory to store and review findings. Cost is about $70.

Body fat monitor. These come in two main styles: a scale you step on or a small, handheld device. Cost is between $60 and $90.

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