Your Target Heart Rate

To get the most from aerobic exer- On the Plan we want cises such as walking, the Ameri- you to build you way up to walking at can College of Sports Medicine least 30 minutes a day (60 if you need suggests maintaining a heart rate to lose weight) on most days. On top of between 60 and 80 percent of your maximum heart rate for at least 20 minutes of exercise. Your maximum heart rate is 220 minus your that you’ll look for opportunities to fit walking into the rest of your day. Before you begin, find out where you age. Unless you’re wearing a heart- stand now in terms of aerobie fitness. rate monitor, you’ll need to stop Walk a mile (that’s four laps around a exercising to take your pulse. To do high school track). Record how long it it quickly, count the pulses in 10 takes you and what your heart rate, or seconds, then multiply by 6. There’s pulse, is immediately after you finish. no need to do this every time you exercise, just now and then to make sure you’re working at the right Try this again in four weeks. Chances are your time, heart rate, or both will have improved. (If you walk faster as intensity level.

Age Target heart rate
60% of max, 80% of max.
30 114 152
35 111 148
40 108 144
45 105 140
50 102 136
55 99 132
60 96 128

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