Putting It All Together

If you wind up needing medication, think about how fortunate we are today to have these generally safe and highly effective drugs available to us. Not too long ago all cardiologists could do for their patients was hold their hands, watching them succumb to a disease they couldn’t control. Today we have the means at our disposal to shut off the rampage of atherogenesis, the formation of plaque.

That said, lifestyle changes are still the mainstay of the  Plan. While all drugs have potential side effects, healthy lifestyle changes are never toxic. Also, whereas drugs target a single disease or risk factor (like high cholesterol), habits like getting more exercise, lowering your stress levels, and eating a heart-healthy diet provide a vast array of health benefits no pharmaceutical product could ever match.

In the next chapter we’ll walk you through the  Plan week by week for 12 weeks. You should follow the Plan regardless of what drug you’re taking. By getting good medical care tailored to your specific needs (possibly including prescription medication) and following the  Plan, you should be able to live it up for many years to come!

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